Top Dog-Friendly Pubs to Visit This Summer

Imagine a sunny afternoon, the gentle breeze rustling through lush greenery, as you and your loyal canine companion stroll through picturesque surroundings. There's a special joy in finding a pub that not only welcomes you but also rolls out the red carpet for your furry friend. This summer, elevate your dog-friendly adventures by visiting some of the UK's most charming and accommodating pubs.

From the bustling streets of Glasgow to the serene landscapes of Devon, we've curated a list of top spots where both you and your dog can enjoy unforgettable moments together. Plus, using our handy search tool, you can find the perfect pub or restaurant for you and your pooch. Ready to discover your next favourite hangout where your dog will definitely sit and you’ll most likely want to stay? Let's fetch ‘em!


Scotland: The Tickled Trout, Glasgow

In the vibrant city of Glasgow, The Tickled Trout stands as a haven for dog lovers and their furry companions. Picture this: you and your dog relaxing in the expansive beer garden of what was once a local produce shop that sold goods from a nearby farm. The Tickled Trout really goes above and beyond to ensure that both you and your pet feel right at home.

Water bowls are plentiful, and the friendly staff often have a cheeky stash of treats to keep tails wagging. With its welcoming atmosphere and thoughtful amenities, The Tickled Trout is the perfect spot to kick back, enjoy a refreshing drink, and soak up the summer vibes with your best friend by your side.

The North West: The Barton Arms, Greater Manchester

There’s so many great dog-friendly pubs to choose from across the UK, but if you’re in the North West, we’d give a special mention to a pub that’s nestled in the heart of Greater Manchester, but stills offers great forest and river views: The Barton Arms. This spot really does welcome you and your furry friends with open arms. Imagine walking into this charming pub where the staff greet both you and your dog with a warm smile.

The spacious outdoor area is perfect for those sunny days when your canine companion wants to bask in the sun. With water bowls readily available and even dog treats at the ready, The Barton Arms ensures every member of the family enjoys their visit. Check out all the best dog friendly pubs near you by following the link below.

The Crown & Greyhound

The North East: The Falcon's Nest, Gosforth

Head over to Gosforth and discover The Falcon's Nest, a delightful farmhouse-style pub that takes pride in being dog-friendly. Picture yourself sitting in a cozy corner under the pergola, your dog lounging comfortably by your side.

The lush, green garden is an ideal setting for a relaxing afternoon, and it’s a spot that is proving increasingly popular with golfers from the four nearby clubs. It's not just about the great food and drinks here, however – as good as both are, it’s really all about creating unforgettable memories with your four-legged friend. Find this and other great dog-friendly pubs near you using the link below.

Yorkshire: The Roundhay Fox, Leeds

In the picturesque surroundings of Roundhay, Leeds, The Roundhay Fox stands as a beacon for dog lovers. As you walk through the doors, the rustic charm immediately envelops you. Imagine the delight on your dog's face (and the breeze from their wagging tail) as they explore this historic dog-friendly space - it’s been a gathering spot since the 13th century, and was once a tea shop, an Italian restaurant and a wine bar over the years - complete with fresh water so your favourite pooch won’t go thirsty.

The Roundhay Fox goes above and beyond to make sure every visit is special for dogs and their owners alike. Check out the Roundhay and other dog-friendly pubs using our handy search tool.

The Crown & Greyhound

The Midlands: The Barnt Green Inn, Rednal

If you love exploring the beautiful sights offered across the UK countryside, then The Barnt Green Inn, located in Rednal, offers a truly tranquil escape in the Midlands. This beautiful establishment, perfectly placed if you fancy taking a walk along the winding trails of Lickey Hills Country Park, boasts a large garden that you and your dog can explore while you enjoy a refreshing pint.

It's a real cornerstone of the local community, and as such, The Barnt Green Inn embodies the perfect blend of relaxation and community spirit, making it a must-visit for you and your dog this summer.

Wales: The Traveller’s Rest, Caerphilly

When we last visited, there was a sign on the door that read “Muddy boots & paws welcome”, so there’s little doubt that this great local pub in Caerphilly is well worth a visit. It’s a historic spot that’s been operating as a pub since the 1800s, so you’ll be the latest in a long line of visitors to step inside or relax in the ample sized beer garden.

If the weather is kind and depending on how much of a sun worshipper you are, you’ll find both plenty of south-facing sunspots, plus lots of shade under the table umbrellas too. Check it and other dog-friendly pubs near you using our search tool at the link below.

The Crown & Greyhound

Greater London: The Old Bull & Bush, Hampstead

It’s easier than you think to find a dog-friendly pub in Greater London, and this next choice proves it. The Old Bull & Bush in North Hampstead provides a historical setting with modern comforts. Just a stone’s throw from Golders Hill Park, it’s easy to imagine strolling through scenic Hampstead Heath, then stepping into this iconic pub where dogs are treated like royalty. The spacious patio and welcoming ambiance make it an ideal spot for a leisurely lunch or dinner. The Old Bull & Bush is not just a pub; it's a place where you and your dog can create lasting memories. Why not check it out, plus all the other great dog-friendly pubs near you, with our easy to use search tool? You’ll be glad you did.

The South West: The Drum Inn, Devon

Finally, venture to Cockington Village in Devon, where charming country pub The Drum Inn awaits. Envision the quaint thatched-roof pub surrounded by picturesque gardens, which dates back to 1936 and was designed by respected architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. While they might not appreciate the architecture quite as much as you will, dogs are still more than welcome to join in the fun.

The Drum Inn's dog-friendly ethos extends to providing ample water bowls to ensure your pup stays comfortable. It's the perfect destination for a summer outing with your furry friend when you’re in Devon. Check it out, plus the rest of short-listed dog-friendly pubs at the link below.

The Crown & Greyhound

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