The History of Brunch Explained

It’s all people are talking about: brunch – bottomless or otherwise. This popular trend has taken the world by storm, combining mouth-watering food with indulgent drinks for an unforgettable experience. In some instances, things gets really decadent with the addition of a bottomless drinks element. So, let’s delve into the history of this delightful dining phenomenon, and help you find some essential brunch venues, wherever you are.


A Brief History of Brunch

The concept of brunch originated in the late 19th century, when British writer Guy Oscar Beringer penned an essay advocating for a leisurely late-morning meal as a way to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch. It’s true: the leisurely brunches we enjoy today are all because he didn’t want to wake early on a Sunday morning and wanted a more relaxed start to the day instead. We couldn’t agree more, Guy. You’re a man after our own hearts.

Over time, brunch evolved and crossed the Atlantic, becoming a staple of American culture too. However, it wasn't until the 21st century that the bottomless element was introduced, turning the traditional brunch into an extravagant affair with unlimited drinks – a trend that quickly gained popularity around the world (unsurprisingly). But seriously, what took us so long to take a great idea and make it better? Don’t worry though, Guy: we’re all about keeping your legacy going.

Now, brunch is the new home of lively conversation, laughter and clinking glasses. It’s the go-to way of getting together with friends, catching up on the latest gossip and starting your day off in style. It’s also become a great way of treating mum on Mother’s Day, celebrating an impending wedding as the start of a busy hen do weekend, or simply showing some love to that special someone.

Whoever you decide to share your brunch with, and whatever the occasion, you’re sure to have a great time and walk away with new and lasting memories of being together – after all, you can’t beat a little bit of indulgence, some quality time with your nearest and dearest and signature drinks to keep the conversation flowing. And while (of course) it’s important to be in the moment and enjoy time with the people you’re with, well… let’s not ignore social media. You’re allowed to take a few quick shots before stashing that phone away and really being present for those around you, right? 

The most ‘Grammable Brunches around

Our hand-picked list of pubs, bars and restaurants all have one thing in common: they have taken the brunch experience to new heights, offering you a perfect blend of delicious food, drinks and a lively atmosphere. With carefully curated menus, a diverse selection of delectable dishes, expertly crafted using fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring a feast for your taste buds. As a nice bonus, it all comes completely Insta ready, if that’s your thing. Your Reels aren’t ready for this. #Brunch indeed.

Whether you're a brunch aficionado, are a pro in the brunch world, or completely new to the Bottomless trend, there's no doubt that the Brunch venues you’ll find listed at the link below offer an unparalleled dining experience. With enticing menus, fantastic drinks, and friendly vibes, it's the perfect way to make your day truly special.

So, why not click on the link below, enter your location and browse some of the best spots around to enjoy a bite at brunch. Starting the day off in style like that will put everyone in the right frame of mind to enjoy whatever else follows, so cheers to good food, great drinks, unforgettable memories – and let’s be sure to raise a glass to the late Mr Beringer, who just didn’t’ want to get up early for breakfast on a Sunday.

It was all his idea, after all.