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Get Festival Ready: The Best Pubs for Live Music Near You

As the Summer festival season gets closer, it's time to celebrate live music in some of the most spirited pubs around. From cozy corners in historic buildings to lively modern venues, the UK's pubs offer an unparalleled intimate live music experience that will leave you buzzing with excitement. Whether you're a local searching for your next favourite haunt or a visitor eager to dive into the local music scene, here's your guide to the best pubs for live music near you. Reach out to the pubs to find out who’s playing next!



First up, step into The Curler's Rest in Glasgow and you'll be greeted by a warm, rustic charm that sets the perfect backdrop for live music. This pub is a haven for music lovers, offering a diverse lineup of local talent and seasoned musicians. Picture yourself sipping on a craft beer while the soulful strums of a guitar fill the air, creating an ambiance that's both cozy and electric.

Alternatively, nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, The Mitre Bar is a classic pub steeped in history and brimming with character. Its wood-panelled walls and intimate setting make it the ideal spot to enjoy live music. Imagine the resonance of acoustic melodies blending seamlessly with the clinking of glasses and friendly chatter. The Mitre Bar promises an evening where every note feels personal and every song tells a story.

Pop over to Glasgow for The Drum and Monkey, renowned for its Victorian elegance and lively atmosphere. This pub knows how to put on a show, featuring a variety of live acts that cater to all musical tastes. Whether you're into jazz, rock, or folk, you'll find something you love here. Pair the experience with their exquisite menu, and you've got a night to remember – and with “Drum” in their name, you can be sure it’ll be a bass-heavy night you can feel.

The North

In Newcastle upon Tyne, The Forth Hotel stands as a beacon for live music enthusiasts. This trendy pub boasts a modern decor and a welcoming vibe that makes it a favourite among locals. The live music events here are a dynamic mix, showcasing up-and-coming bands and solo artists. Picture yourself enjoying a refreshing pint while discovering new sounds that might just become your next playlist staple.

Not a million miles away you’ll find The Devon Doorway in Wirral, which offers a unique blend of traditional pub charm and contemporary live music. This venue is perfect for those looking to enjoy a laid-back evening with great tunes. Envision a warm summer night, with live music drifting through the air as you relax in their beautiful garden area, surrounded by friends and good vibes.

Finally for this part of the world and tucked away in the bustling heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, The Forth Hotel is a standout destination for live music enthusiasts. This trendy pub blends modern decor with a welcoming vibe, making it a favourite among locals and visitors alike. The Forth Hotel regularly hosts an eclectic mix of live music events, featuring up-and-coming bands and solo artists that bring a dynamic energy to the venue. Imagine yourself sipping on a refreshing pint while discovering new sounds that might just become your next playlist favourites. With its inviting atmosphere and diverse drink menu, The Forth Hotel is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy some fantastic live performances.


Wales & The West Midlands

Situated in the bustling city of Cardiff, Browns Cardiff offers a sophisticated yet relaxed environment for live music lovers – but with a twist. While you won’t see up and coming indie bands here, you can relax, enjoy some great brasserie dishes and enjoy the gentle sounds of a live pianist. The pub's elegant interiors provide a stunning setting for enjoying live performances. Imagine settling into a plush leather armchair, cocktail in hand, as you listen to gentle piano notes that perfectly complement the refined atmosphere. So while it’s a world away from being knee deep in mud moshing to a thrash metal band in a field, sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy treat yourself a little.

Much more aligned to festival life, The Victoria in Birmingham is a cornerstone of the city's music scene. This historic pub, with its lively and eclectic vibe, hosts regular live music nights that are a hit with both locals and visitors. Picture yourself being part of an enthusiastic crowd, enjoying the energetic performances from some of the best local bands. The Victoria's extensive drink menu and welcoming atmosphere make it a must-visit.

Similarly, in the charming town of Leamington Spa, The White Horse is a beloved venue for live music. This pub combines traditional charm with a lively entertainment schedule. The White Horse often features local bands and solo artists, offering a fantastic night out for music lovers. Imagine an evening spent enjoying live tunes, delicious food, and a convivial atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Be warned though – turn a corner in the pub and you’ll be greeted with a life size statue of – you guessed it – a white horse. We’re only warning you because on our first visit, that little revelation came as a bit of a surprise!

London and the South East

The Railway in London is a quintessential live music venue known for its eclectic lineup and vibrant atmosphere. Located in the heart of the city, this pub draws a diverse crowd eager to experience the best in live music. From indie bands to up and coming artists, The Railway offers a stage for a wide range of musical talents.

Another great option and one steeped in history, The Hoop and Grapes in London offers an intimate setting for live music. This pub, with its cozy nooks and vintage charm, is perfect for those who appreciate a more personal music experience. Picture yourself nestled in a corner, listening to the soulful strains of a singer-songwriter, with the comforting hum of conversation and laughter in the background.

Alternatively, opt for The Coal Hole, located on London's famous Strand. It’s a charismatic venue that hosts an array of live music acts. This pub's historical ambiance adds to the charm of live performances, creating a memorable experience for all who visit. Imagine a night where the rich melodies of live music blend seamlessly with the pub's storied past, offering a unique and captivating evening.

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The South and South West

Finally, for the South of the country, trot along to The White Horse Hotel in Haslemere, which is a picturesque venue that offers a delightful setting for live music. This pub's beautiful interiors and warm ambiance make it an ideal spot for an evening of entertainment. Picture yourself enjoying a glass of fine wine while listening to talented musicians play in a setting that feels both luxurious and inviting. You’ll be glad you visited.

We’d also recommend heading to the coast for a stop off in Bournemouth, where Sixty Million Postcards stands out as a quirky and creative hub for live music. This pub's unique decor and vibrant atmosphere attract a diverse crowd, eager to enjoy the eclectic mix of live performances. Imagine a night filled with indie tunes, cold beers, and a lively crowd, all coming together to create an unforgettable experience.

Last but not least and nestled in the heart of Crawley, The Hillside Inn offers a charming retreat with its delightful mix of traditional pub warmth and vibrant live music. This pub's welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by regular live performances that span various genres, ensuring there's always something to delight your musical senses. Picture yourself on a cozy evening, savouring a refreshing drink as the melodies of a live band create the perfect backdrop for a memorable night out.

No matter where your festival journey takes you across the UK, there's a pub brimming with live music waiting to welcome you. From the rustic charm of Glasgow's The Curler's Rest to the historic ambiance of London's The Coal Hole, each venue offers a unique slice of the local music scene wrapped in a friendly, communal atmosphere. So gather your friends, plan your visits, and dive into the rich tapestry of sounds that these fantastic pubs have to offer. It’s time to get festival ready and experience the best live music near you – without having to worry about losing your tent or your wellies!