Five Great Pubs to Visit Near Windsor Castle

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure in the heart of Royal Berkshire? Founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, Windsor Castle is not just a castle; it's a symbol of the enduring British monarchy. Countless royal banquets, weddings, and ceremonies have taken place within its walls, and while we can’t quite offer that level of grandeur, here’s our guide to five of the best places to eat and drink after a visit to Windsor Castle. Until an invite comes from His Majesty to pop down to Windsor for tea, obviously…



1. Browns, Windsor

Admittedly not a pub, but first up is Browns Windsor, a chic brasserie that would be included if only for the stunning views of the castle it boasts. Thankfully there’s much more to Browns than location, location, location. Imagine sipping on a classic cocktail or savouring a sumptuous Sunday roast as you bask in the castle's grandeur. With its elegant decor and extensive menu, Browns is sure to delight.

2. The Red Lion, Slough

Next, we head a little further out to The Red Lion in Slough. This traditional pub combines charm and character in equal measure. Can't you just taste the rich, creamy stout as you tuck into a plate of traditional fish and chips? It's the perfect way to experience authentic British hospitality.

3. The Belvedere Arms, Sunninghill

Our next stop is The Belvedere Arms in Sunninghill. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, this pub is known for its cosy atmosphere and delicious food. Imagine warming up by the fire with a pint of local ale after a day of castle exploration.


4. The Malt Shovel, Uxbridge

We then venture to The Malt Shovel in Uxbridge. This historic pub offers a unique blend of old and new, from its traditional architecture to its modern British menu. Can you feel the history as you raise a toast to good food and great company?

5. The Kings Arms, Cookham

Last, but certainly not least, we arrive at The Kings Arms in Cookham. This charming riverside pub is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Picture yourself enjoying a refreshing craft beer as you watch the sun set over the Thames.


And there you have it, five fantastic pubs or restaurants near Windsor Castle.
Each one offers a unique experience, just waiting for you to explore.

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So, let's raise a glass to good food, great drinks, and a day that would surely get the Royal seal of approval.