Pubs and Restaurants Open for Valentine's Day 2024

Ah, Valentine's Day. The day of love, the most swoon-worthy day of the year is fast approaching.

If you're looking to spend a romantic evening out with your significant other, or planning to treat
yourself (cos if you can’t love yourself, how you gonna love someone else?) we've got the best
pubs and restaurants open for Valentine's Day 2024.

Let's dive in!




Best Gastro Pubs for a Cozy Valentine's Day

If a relaxed yet intimate setting is what you're after, our top gastro pubs are a perfect choice. These venues offer a combination of traditional pub atmosphere with high-quality food.


Many are offering special deals, menus and offers for Valentine's Day, making them an even more appealing option for your romantic evening. Check out our hand picked gastro pubs here, and pop in your location of choice to narrow down the search.

Restaurants with a View: A Romantic Backdrop

Take your Valentine's Day dinner to new heights – literally, in some cases – by choosing one of our restaurants with views or landmarks nearby. Check out these venues which all offer breathtaking views that will add an extra layer of romance to your evening. Pair that with their specially curated Valentine's Day menus for a truly memorable experience. Just remember to devote just as much time gazing longingly into your partners eyes as you do taking in the scenery. Oh, and if you find the latter more interesting than the former, we need to talk about who you’re taking out on Valentine’s Day...


Make a Night of It: Hotels with Excellent Dining Options

Looking to extend your Valentine's Day celebration into a romantic getaway? Our selected pubs and restaurants with gorgeous hotel rooms on site offer excellent dining options too.


You can enjoy a delicious meal and then retire to a comfortable room without having to travel at all. Check out our carefully selected choices that combine great accommodation and dining in one.

Private Functions and Dining

For Those Seeking Exclusivity For those who prefer a more private setting for their Valentine's Day celebrations, we recommend some carefully selected venues that offer private functions and dining.


These bars and restaurants provide you with a dedicated space where you can enjoy your meal in discrete and exclusive privacy. 


So there you have it. Whether your significant other is a full-on foodie, you want a memorable view as your Valentine backdrop, want to dine and drink at somewhere with gorgeous hotel rooms, or just simply a bit of privacy to set the mood, Valentine's Day is all about showing your love and appreciation for your partner.

Choosing the right venue can play a big part in creating that perfect atmosphere for your celebrations. So, don't delay. Start planning your special Valentine's Day dinner now. Make a reservation, check out the menus, and get ready for a night of romance and delicious food.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to serenade the next website
in your browser with a rendition of “All You Need Is Love”…