Where to Eat and Drink Near the UK's Favourite Shopping Centres

We’re all closest shopaholics here, so have you ever noticed how the thrill of a shopping spree is wonderfully complemented by a delicious meal? There's something about a day out shopping that works up quite an appetite, after all. Now, imagine pairing your retail therapy with a culinary adventure.

Get ready to embark on a journey through our pick of the best spots to eat and drink in or around the UK's most popular shopping centres. Just don’t leave any shopping bags under the table when you leave – you spent so long finding the perfect items!


Westfield London, Shepherd's Bush

This colossal shopping centre spans a staggering 242,000 square metres, making it Europe's largest combined shopping and leisure destination. Each year, it welcomes over 21 million visitors - that's an average of 60,000 per day!

Situated in the heart of Shepherd's Bush, Westfield London is a shopping mecca, and as such, there’s no shortage of places to eat and drink nearby. We love nearby pub The Coal Hole, but have to give a special mention to the Wellington – it’s a stone’s throw from the heart of Westfield, so your arms won’t even have time to get tired carrying those bags!

Metrocentre Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

Next, let's head north to Tyne and Wear, where we find the Metrocentre in Gateshead. This shopping haven is not just a retail hotspot; it's a testament to the region's ongoing regeneration. From high-street favourites to designer boutiques, the Metrocentre offers a shopping experience like no other.

But the experience doesn't end there! Why not explore the fantastic pubs and restaurants in its vicinity? Our pick of the bunch is The Forth Hotel, known locally for great beer, great food and great music. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate the end of an epic shopping spree to us.


Trafford Centre, Greater Manchester

The Trafford Centre in Greater Manchester, another must-visit shopping destination, boasts an array of stores that cater to every taste. But it's not just about the shopping here; the Trafford Centre is a hub of activity, offering entertainment venues, restaurants, and more.

Offering everything from high-street fashion to designer brands, you’re sure to have plenty of bags full of essentials, so once you've navigated its vast expanse and for a real change of pace, we recommend heading about 4 miles away to The Woodside, a gorgeous country pub in Worsley (try the brunch or the outdoor dining if weather allows).

Failing that, check out some of our other favourite nearby pubs and restaurants.

Bullring, Birmingham

In the heart of Birmingham, we find the iconic Bullring. A landmark in its own right, the Bullring is much more than a shopping centre; it's an integral part of the city's vibrant culture. From high street fashion to independent boutiques, the Bullring has it all.

After a day of retail therapy, why not soak up the city's culinary scene at one of the charming eateries, pubs and bars near the Bullring? You’ll probably find us at the unforgettable Bacchus Bar. We’re talking Greek and Roman mosaics, suits of armour and an Egyptian themed room complete with tomb paintings. Don’t miss it.


St James Quarter, Edinburgh

Edinburgh's St James Quarter is the city's newest retail hub, drawing in fashion enthusiasts from across the country. This shopping centre is a testament to Edinburgh's ongoing development and growth, offering a unique shopping experience that perfectly complements the city's rich history.

And what better way to celebrate your new finds in Edinburgh’s newest shopping hotspot than with a fantastic meal or some great drinks? Find your perfect post-shopping indulgence near St James Quarter by clicking here.

Personally, we’ll always take a little wander to Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar. Sure, it’s about 4 miles away from the Quarter, but we’re a sucker for a good loyal puppy dog tale.

Merry Hill, Dudley

Builders first broke ground on what would become the Merry Hill centre in Dudley back in 1985, and it’s expanded, been renovated and changed unrecognisably since then.

We won’t talk about the £22m monorail that only ran for around 5 years in the early 90s, but instead focus on the over 200 shops you can find at Merry Hill which offers a truly unique shopping experience.

Why not transform your day of shopping into a full-day adventure by venturing into the delightful pubs and restaurants nearby? We’ll often hop in a cab or drive over to the Lyttleton Arms in Hagley, just 4 miles from Merry Hill, so why not give them a try?


Liverpool One, Liverpool

Since opening the doors in 2008, Liverpool One has proven it isn't just a shopping centre; it's grown to also include residential spaces, leisure venues, hotels and more. Quite the retail wonderland with a twist!

After exploring its many shops and the distinct districts within Liverpool One, why not treat yourself to a delicious meal or refreshing drink nearby? As for where we’d head after leaving Liverpool One? It has to be the Philharmonic Dining Rooms. If it’s good enough for Paul McCartney, it’s good enough for us.

Meadowhall, Sheffield

Finally, we visit Sheffield's Meadowhall – the largest indoor shopping centre in Yorkshire (with signs of further expansion and growth on the cards while we’re writing this).

You’ll find around 280 stores under one roof, so it’s truly a shopping experience like no other in Sheffield. After a day of retail exploration, why not unwind and refuel at one of the top-rated spots to eat and drink near Meadowhall? Personally, we like to spoil ourselves with a bit of a brasserie experience at nearby Browns Sheffield.


Happy shopping

So, fellow retail therapy seekers, are you ready to pair your next shopping adventure with a culinary journey? Remember, every great shopping spree deserves an equally delightful dining experience, so here's to shopping, eating, and creating unforgettable memories!

Your table awaits!