The Best Easter Pubs and Restaurants

If you're already thinking of the upcoming Easter holidays, the question of where to savour the season may already be tugging on your mind. For many, Easter is a time of gathering, celebration, and of course, indulgence. For others, it’s a two-week long stretch of trying to keep the kids happy while the sugar rush from chocolate eggs wears off. Whatever the case, there’s no better way to celebrate Easter than by visiting some of the best pubs and restaurants the UK has to offer. Whether you're searching for a central city spot or a rustic country pub, there's nothing quite like relaxing in a space that feels as warm and inviting as the holiday you're celebrating. 

So if you choose to spend it under the rafters of a historic pub, or perhaps at a modern eatery that offers innovative takes on classic holiday dishes, we’ll take you through some of the UK’s most charming Easter spots that cater to every kind of pub and restaurant-goer.


Easter at City Venues

For those who prefer the buzz of city life, Easter in a city eatery can be an exhilarating experience. City venues often celebrate Easter with extravagance, offering elaborate Easter menus and themed events that bring a contemporary twist to traditional celebrations. 

Picture this: you're seated in a vaulted dining room adorned with Easter lilies, the chatter of fellow diners adding to the festive ambiance. The cityscape outside transforms with the evening, casting a glow on your Easter feast. From bustling London gastropubs serving up the city’s best take on hot cross buns to Birmingham bistros with a modern twist on lamb dishes, city venues promise a diverse and exciting culinary experience.

So click below to start your search for the best City pubs and restaurants that are open over Easter – just pop in your postcode, and your new favourite local might be just a few pages away.

The Rural Easter Route

Perhaps you're a soul that seeks solace in the quiet beauty of the countryside. For you, Easter might mean a pilgrimage to one of the UK's many celebrated country pubs, where the festivities are no less grand - but perhaps the volume is a little lower and the pace a bit more relaxed.

Far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, rural pubs offer a quintessential Easter experience. Whether you’re making the most of the four-day weekend or just planning an idyllic Sunday lunch, country pubs are the epitome of relaxed tradition. A roaring fire (depending on the British weather, naturally), hearty meals that evoke the spirit of the season, and – if the sun’s shining – a beer garden to enjoy the burgeoning spring.

Pop your postcode in at the link below to find the very best Country Pubs near you.


A Tasty Easter in Gastro Pubs

Gastro pubs have redefined the pub food landscape, elevating it to Michelin star standards. This Easter, consider renouncing the kitchen stove and treating yourself to a gastronomical adventure in a cozy gastro pub. 

Gastropubs are the perfect blend of the traditional British pub and a high-quality restaurant. They take pride in their menus, often showcasing the finest in local and seasonal produce. Think succulent roasted meats, indulgent desserts, and creative hot cross bun concoctions that redefine Easter dining. If that sounds great, then click through to search for the best Gastro Pubs near you.

Easter by Landmarks

What could be more memorable than an Easter meal set against a backdrop of history and culture? Restaurants and pubs near famous landmarks provide not just a meal, but a complete sensory experience.

If you fancy a walk before your Easter lunch, why not plan your meal around a breathtaking view? Imagine the skyline of Edinburgh from the window of a restaurant at the base of the castle, or a quiet pub tucked away near the ruins of a castle. Landmark eateries not only offer good food but also a day of exploration and a cherished memory. Click the button below to find the most landmark-friendly locations near you.


A Dog-Friendly Easter

For pet owners, Easter presents a conundrum. They want to celebrate and enjoy the day, but leaving their four-legged friends behind is unthinkable. The solution? Easter venues that warmly welcome your pets.

Pet-friendly pubs and restaurants in the UK go the extra mile to make both humans and animals feel at home. Special menus for your companions and outdoor spaces where they can stretch their legs make for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. If this sounds appealing, look for venues near you that welcome pet owners and their four-legged friends alike.

Finding the Perfect Spot

With so many wonderful venues to choose from, the question remains – how to find the perfect spot for your Easter outing? Well, with our range of filters from location to venue type and all points in between, finding your ideal Easter venue is a piece of cake.

This Easter, ensure that every bite you take and every sip you savour is surrounded by the warmest of hospitality, the most fitting of venues, and the joy of spending time with the people you love. So don't leave it to the last minute; start your search now and secure your place at one of the UK’s best Easter pubs and restaurants – and be sure to say you found them on EatDrinkMeet!